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Lenses for Sunglasses & Prescription Lens information
Sunglasses : not just fashion accessories.


Sunglasses come in many designs, colours and shapes that designers have created to appeal to almost all face shapes and personal tastes.

But the design of sunglasses is not just to create a stylish fashion accessory, but a practical solution that affords your eyes protection from the harmful radiation emmitted by the sun. As technology improves and knowledge expands, so does the quality of the lenses produced, in terms of eye protection, by leading sunglass designers and ophthalmic lens manufacturers.

Both visual comfort and visual clarity can be improved when wearing sunglasses outdoors, particularly in strong light, by the reduction of glare. More importantly, good quality sunglasses will either reflect or filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation (both UVA and UVB) which is know to cause both short and long term eye problems such as cataracts, snow blindness, photokeratitis (effectively sunburn of the cornea and conjunctiva), pterygium (a benign growth on the conjunctiva) as well as eye cancer.

This means it is important to make sure that your sunglasses are really up to the task for which they were intended. At NetPrice Designer Sunglasses, we only sell high quality, leading brand sunglasses so that you can be sure all of the quality standards necessary to protect you and your eyes are met.

Prescription Lenses

Visual Comfort, Visual Clarity & Visual Accuity

Many of the leading brand sunglasses available at NetPrice Designer Sunglasses are also available with a prescription lens (at additional cost).

Should you require a prescription lens, then simply provide your details on the product item page. In most cases, we will use a good quality generic sunglass lens to fulfill your prescription. Depending on the power of the lens in your prescription, an aspheric shaped lens may be required - which will cost a little more than the standard lens - but we will inform you of this prior to your checkout.

If the sunglasses you choose already contain a polarised lens, then we will automatically fulfill your prescription with a polarised lens at no extra cost. If this is not the case, then you will also have the option to upgrade to a polarised lens.

Oakley and Tag Heuer Prescription Sunglasses

We will soon be providing the facility for you to purchase prescription lenses for Oakley sunglasses and Tag Heuer sunglasses.

However, in the case of both Oakley and Tag Heuer sunglasses, your prescription will not be fulfilled by us, but by the manufacturers themsselves. For these designers, you will therefore receive a genuine Oakley / Tag Heuer prescription sunglass lens, but this may also mean that your order will take a little longer to fulfill.

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